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Marley Spoon — Cooking up a rapidly expanding business with an accompaniment of UKG

  • Reduced payroll errors via a single source of truth for payroll information

  • Saved time and resources due to fully automated award interpretation

  • A scalable workforce management system to grow with the business and its requirements

Marley Spoon - Cooking up a rapidly expanding business with an accompaniment of UKG

Marley Spoon is a global meal kit delivery service founded on a mission to inspire their customers to cook easy and exciting meals from scratch. With new recipes created every week, their customers love receiving deliveries of locally sourced, nutritious, and sustainable meal kits that make lives easier and keep mealtimes interesting.


Marley Spoon's legacy workforce management systems were unable to keep up with the increasingly complex requirements of the business. Overseeing full time, part time, hourly, and contract workers with varied awards and employment conditions, while working across multiple sites, meant that Marley Spoon was facing a variety of workforce management concerns. With payroll data coming from three separate sources, and legacy systems increasingly unsuitable for accurately tracking employee time and attendance and movement throughout their warehouses, payroll errors and compliance risk were becoming a concern for the business.

Manually interpreting complicated employee awards and conditions was also taking up valuable resources at a time when the business needed to streamline processes and maximise output. As a result, Marley Spoon sought to find a solution that could meet their needs and continue to grow and adapt with their business.


Marley Spoon approached Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) with their workforce requirements as they were confident the global leader could streamline and automate their processes. The solution needed to consolidate their disparate systems to reduce payroll errors, automate the interpretation of varying and complex awards, manage multiple location clock in's per employee, per day, and reduce time spent on manual processes. After showcasing how these requirements could be met, Marley Spoon chose to implement UKG Ready as their workforce management solution.

"With UKG, we found a workforce management partner that can support our growth, not just now, but well into our future. We chose UKG Ready as the solution was comprehensive enough to meet our complex requirements and streamline our processes — allowing us to sustain our growth without disruption."

Aga Strzemeska

Head of People Operations


Marley Spoon now enjoy the benefits of having a scalable solution that can continue to support them through both internal and external changes; whether it be the continued growth of their workforce and optimising employees' schedules, easily managing changing regulatory conditions, or increasing productivity by automating manual processes.

From an operational perspective, warehouse staff, who visit multiple locations within the warehouse each shift, are now able to easily clock-in to each of these locations using the UKG InTouch time clocks. Prior to implementing UKG Ready with InTouch clocks, employees had to scroll through multiple locations on a tablet to find the correct one. With their new clocks, employees only have the relevant location to select from — saving minutes each time they clock in, for each employee.

Marley Spoon is now also working off a single source of truth for their payroll data, which provides accurate information in real-time, reducing errors. Their complicated employee awards are now fully automated, which means compliance risk is minimised, and valuable resources are no longer needed for manual interpretation, resulting in payroll taking only hours to process, instead of days.

With their workforce management processes fully optimised, Marley Spoon can now focus on their main course — keeping employees engaged and customers happy.

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