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UKG for Healthcare: In times of uncertainty, your people plan is the key to stability and success
UKG for Healthcare Solution Guide
Your people plan is the key to stability and success in times of uncertainty.
Whether you’re trying to balance staffing challenges with increased patient care demands or improving the employee and patient experience, see how we can help your organisation empower employees to deliver quality, cost-effective patient care.

Why UKG for Healthcare?

Our automated workforce and HR solutions help you increase productivity, control labour costs, and deliver a superior employee experience — for consistent, patient-first care across the entire continuum.

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    Enhance the employee experience

    Create accurate, best-fit schedules based on staff qualifications and predicted patient volume – while providing easy-to-use tools that empower employees to manage their own schedules.

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    Control operational costs

    Automate time-consuming administrative tasks and streamline processes for a better bottom line.

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    Proactively plan with enterprise-wide visibility

    Make better forecasts and provide real-time visibility into staffing and productivity data with metrics-based cloud solutions that improve operational efficiencies.

Specialised Healthcare Solutions

Check out this selection of specialised product offerings designed to meet your unique industry needs.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

Mission Australia Logo

“We now have compliance confidence with accurate, reliable data.”

“Mission Australia transitioned from paper timesheets and manual data entry to employees clocking on/off using UKG clocks, the mobile app, and desktop computers.”

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Mater Health Logo

“UKG was a transformational tool in getting us to a state of excellence”

“When we have the right nurses in the right place we increase the chances of offering really good care – it’s a foundation.” – Alison Broadbent, Director of Nursing

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Hospital partners with UKG to innovate their workforce and human capital management processes
Sunshine Private Hospital partners with UKG to innovate their workforce and human capital management processes

Sunshine Private Hospital is an innovative, state-of-the-art hospital with world-class facilities for Melbourne’s growing West, providing services close to home and delivering excellent patient outcomes for local residents. Sunshine Private Hospital is operated by Unitas Healthcare in Melbourne’s western heartland.

UKG Pro Workforce Management
UKG Pro Workforce Management
Global workforce management for large organisations

Discover AI-powered workforce solutions with tailored industry experiences, built on an intelligent platform providing operational insights that empower your people.

UKG Ready
UKG Ready
Flexible, seamless HR for small to medium organisations

Leverage the power of HR, talent, payroll and time in a single solution to deliver a modern, personalised experience that increases efficiency and simplifies compliance.

Your better tomorrow starts today

Learn how our HR and payroll solutions help you achieve a better work experience for your people.

Your better tomorrow starts today