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One Touch: A Quick Guide to People-Focused HCM

“One touch” – this is how businesses should be thinking about people management technology. If you want your people to succeed every day in the workplace, the tools they need should be only a click away. At work, easy and intuitive technology isn’t just nice to have, it is essential for operational agility and for retaining top talent.

Discover the benefits of a one-touch solution. Put your people first and help your company excel by leveraging a technology solution that is “one touch” for your employees, “one record” for your data, and “one solution” for your business.

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One Touch: A Quick Guide to People-Focused HCM

This eBook is a quick, fact-filled guide that will give business leaders and HR professionals a grounding in employee expectations, the business case for HCM technology, ideas on how to select the right technology, and case studies that demonstrate best practices when implementing and leveraging “one-touch” technology.