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Ready for the future: HCM and Payroll

This eBook explores the workforce and human capital management challenges that Australian businesses are facing today and into the future.

A crisis doesn’t just cause new problems; it exacerbates existing ones. Even as HR and payroll professionals navigated sweeping changes as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the issues of 2019 and 2020 did not disappear.

As this dynamic continues in 2021, employers can prepare themselves for a world of uncertainty by embracing an agile philosophy. While technology can be a huge part of transforming a business into a truly adaptable company, it can’t do it on its own. You need the right organisational culture, the right experts inside your organisation, and the right technology partners.

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Ready for the future: HCM and Payroll

‘Ready for the Future: HCM and Payroll’ offers a practical guide to what HR and payroll experts should be looking for when it comes to technology, what technology can do, and how to make the most of the collaboration between HR, payroll, and technology. Check out the challenges of:

  • Today: Compliance issues, underpayments, and annualised salaries. Why is collaboration between payroll and technology so important?
  • Tomorrow: Employee engagement and analytics walk hand in hand with compliance. Get ready for the future with a helpful payroll technology checklist.

Download this eBook to learn more on how your organisation can navigate the workforce and human capital management issues of 2021 with true agility.