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On Demand: How to Simplify Vaccine Management & Compliance Webinar

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of implementing government or corporate driven vaccine mandates, you’re not alone. There’s a myriad of communication, legal, and operational issues organisations must work through.

How can you streamline the process and mitigate risk — without taking too much time away from your other goals and priorities?

Watch this on-demand webinar recording to learn more about strategies and tools to simplify vaccine management and help ensure compliance.


  • Darren Kilmartin - Head of Healthcare Practice ANZ, UKG
  • Scott Euston - Head of Product Management ANZ, UKG
  • Kelley Burns - Workforce Solutions Consultant, UKG
  • Nick Petrakos - Workforce Solutions Consultant, UKG
  • Andrew Palozzo - Workforce Solutions Consultant, UKG