Unleash the power of payroll as a strategic cornerstone

Payroll is the heartbeat of your people strategy and having a solution that's flexible, automated, accurate and engaging is crucial. When it comes to payroll services, UKG stands out as the preferred choice, offering modern, scalable technology and expert partnership to support your payroll team, your people and your organisational culture.

Why UKG for Payroll?

At UKG, we empower your payroll team, support your people and nurture your organisational culture through cutting-edge technology and expert partnership. Our commitment is to provide modern, scalable solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of organisations, whether large or small.

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    Choose UKG for unparalleled control, automation and flexibility in payroll processing. Our solutions cater to organisations of all sizes, enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing manual processes and complexity. Whether you're a payroll administrator or managing payroll for a large workforce, our systems are designed to meet your unique needs.

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    Forge a transformative partnership with UKG and gain quick access to payroll experts. We provide targeted services to fill gaps, ensuring your organisation stays compliant and is set up for long-term success. Our payroll software is designed for those who seek not just a system but a comprehensive solution backed by expertise.

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    Connect and Engage through Payroll

    UKG enables organisations to connect and engage with their workforce through payroll. Access payroll information and projections instantly from anywhere, fostering transparency and trust. Monitor trends such as pay equity and fairness to create an environment where employees thrive.

Unlock happier outcomes

Experience the difference with UKG's award-winning payroll system. Our payroll solutions deliver technology experiences that support the interconnected nature of life and work, ensuring better outcomes for your people and your business. Choose UKG for a payroll experience that goes beyond transactions, unlocking a path to happier, more successful outcomes.


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“We found a workforce management partner that can support our growth …”

With their workforce management processes optimised, Marley Spoon can now focus on their main course - keeping employees engaged and customers happy.

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Find the right solution to unlock happier outcomes

Our award-winning solutions deliver technology experiences that support the ways life and work are interconnected — to deliver better outcomes for your people and your business.

UKG Pro Workforce Management

UKG Pro Workforce Management

Global workforce management for complex industry needs.

UKG Ready Suite

UKG Ready

Deliver purposeful HR with UKG Ready for your small and mid-size business.

Frequently asked questions

How does HR and Finance work together? 

HR and Finance collaborate closely to ensure alignment between human capital management and financial strategies. HR provides data on workforce planning, compensation, and benefits, which Finance uses for budgeting and forecasting. They work together to optimise labor costs, ensure payroll accuracy, and comply with financial regulations.


Is HR responsible for Payroll?

Yes, HR is typically responsible for payroll administration. This involves tasks such as processing employee salaries, calculating deductions and taxes, issuing paychecks or direct deposits, and maintaining accurate payroll records. HR ensures payroll compliance with relevant laws and regulations and resolves any payroll-related issues.


What is Payroll management in HR?

Payroll management in HR involves overseeing all aspects of payroll processing within an organisation. This includes managing employee compensation, deductions, and benefits, ensuring accurate and timely payment of salaries, and maintaining compliance with tax laws and regulations.


What is a Payroll system in HR?

A payroll system in HR is a software solution designed to automate and streamline payroll processes. It typically includes features for calculating employee wages, processing deductions and taxes, generating pay statements, and managing payroll-related reporting. A payroll system helps HR departments efficiently manage payroll tasks and ensure accuracy and compliance.




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