Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Balance flexible schedules for your people

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UKG Pro Scheduling
The UKG Pro scheduling solutions take the guesswork out of scheduling to support your people in a more impactful, actionable way.
Your people deserve schedules that meet their life-work needs. However, you also need to manage and adhere to compliance and safety standards. UKG Employee Scheduling solutions help you do both. It’s a balance that works for your people and your business.

Why UKG for Employee Scheduling?

Put your people and your business on the path to success with UKG® Employee Scheduling solutions, to help you make smart, data-driven decisions – not just to properly staff your business, but to staff it with the right people in the right roles.

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    Simplify Shift Scheduling

    Communicate shift schedules quickly, manage compliance and safety risk, and provide scheduling fairness and transparency – all while increasing productivity, improving employee engagement and controlling your labour costs.

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    Empower Employees

    With the convenience of an Employee Scheduling app, staff can easily view schedules, set scheduling preferences, manage availability, swap shifts, request coverage, stay up to date as schedules change and more.

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    Make Intelligent Staffing Decisions

    Successfully drive your business goals by ensuring that shifts are adequately covered, with forecasting capabilities and AI-driven insights that help you maximise business success and prevent employee burnout.

Revolutionise Workforce Management with UKG's Employee Scheduling Solutions

Unlock the power of efficient and intelligent workforce scheduling with UKG's cutting-edge employee scheduling software. Our solution goes beyond traditional shift scheduling, offering a comprehensive platform that enhances scheduling operations and empowers your organisation with the latest employee scheduling algorithm. Say goodbye to manual complexities and embrace a seamless scheduling experience that optimises resources, ensures compliance and boosts employee satisfaction.


Strategic Shift Scheduling for Enhanced Productivity

At the heart of UKG's employee scheduling page is a commitment to delivering a strategic shift scheduling approach. Our employee scheduling algorithm intelligently analyses various factors such as employee preferences, skills and qualifications to create optimised schedules that align with your business goals. Experience the transformative impact of precision scheduling operations, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time. With UKG, elevate your workforce management to new heights, maximise productivity and foster a harmonious work environment.


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Our award-winning solutions deliver technology experiences that support the ways life and work are interconnected — to deliver better outcomes for your people and your business.

UKG Pro Workforce Management

UKG Pro Workforce Management

Global workforce management for complex industry needs.

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UKG Ready

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Frequently asked questions

How can HR support employees

HR can support employees in scheduling by implementing flexible scheduling options that accommodate their personal needs and preferences. This can include allowing employees to set their availability, offering shift swapping or trading opportunities, and providing access to scheduling tools that make it easy to view and manage their schedules. Additionally, HR can ensure clear communication channels for scheduling changes and offer support resources for any scheduling-related issues that may arise, fostering a positive work-life balance for employees.


What are the core functions of HR?

In the context of scheduling, the core functions of HR involve managing staffing levels to meet operational needs efficiently. This includes creating and maintaining schedules that align with business demands while considering employee preferences and legal requirements. HR also oversees time and attendance tracking, ensuring accuracy in payroll processing. Additionally, HR plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between management and employees regarding scheduling policies, procedures, and any changes, fostering a transparent and collaborative work environment.





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