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Automating Time and Attendance Fact Sheet
Automating Time and Attendance Fact Sheet
Get advice on how to evaluate vendors and choose a best-fit solution in our Automating Time and Attendance: Getting It Right the First Time fact sheet.
Optimise your people strategy with efficient solutions. Automate time-consuming tasks in employee time tracking, leave management, and overtime. Gain insights for informed business decisions and ensure compliance effortlessly.

Why UKG for Time and Attendance?

Tap into the power and potential of your people with UKG® time and attendance solutions.

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    Automate Time and Attendance

    Enhance productivity with automated solutions for routine tasks like employee time tracking, leave management, and time-off requests. Streamline processes and maximise efficiency effortlessly.

  • Company visibility

    Gain Greater Visibility

    View pertinent information at a glance, including proactive recommendations based on your business, to help you make informed decisions that move the business forward.

  • Compliance Superstar

    Maintain Compliance

    Automate hours, overtime, and leave calculations to minimise compliance risks. Receive proactive notifications for error prevention and quick adjustments.

Employee Time Tracking Mastery

Unlock precision in workforce management with UKG's advanced Employee Time Tracking solutions. Our cutting-edge technology empowers organisations to streamline and automate time-tracking processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Dive into the details of how our Time and Attendance solutions redefine the way businesses manage employee time, enhancing overall productivity.

Seamless Leave and Overtime Management 

Experience unparalleled efficiency in leave management and overtime tracking with UKG's Time and Attendance solutions. Our comprehensive tools simplify the complexities of managing employee hours and leave for better resource allocation. Explore the features that make our solutions indispensable for businesses striving for precision and compliance. 

Discover the transformative power of UKG's Time and Attendance solutions, where employee time tracking, leave management, and overtime tracking converge to create a streamlined and compliant workforce management system.


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