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UKG for Contract Services Industry Brief

Contract services organizations face stiff competition, high turnover, and thin margins. UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) helps you deliver great client service — profitably.

It's more important than ever to hire quality workers, deploy them effectively, keep them engaged, and optimize their performance to meet service level agreements, control costs, and earn high client satisfaction. It's equally critical to accurately account for all hours worked so you can consistently turn a profit on contracts. UKG for Contract Services provides the automated tools and real-time visibility you need to manage labor to budget, improve performance, and better understand the true cost of delivering service.

Industry brief

Find out how UKG™ solutions can help your organization:

  • Deploy best-fit, best-cost workers and identify replacements quickly
  • Reduce time to invoice and increase billing accuracy for increased cash flow
  • Minimize compliance risk with automated attestation and rule enforcement

Download this industry brief to learn how UKG for Contract Services provides the complete automation and instant insights you need to drive better business outcomes.