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All-in-one HR and payroll software that guides and empowers leaner teams

UKG Ready® is the intuitive, centralised solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses that meets all your employee needs. From HR, benefits, and payroll to talent, time, and scheduling, UKG Ready empowers your people to be more productive, make faster, more informed decisions, and create a great place to work for all.

UKG Ready Suite


UKG Ready’s all-in-one automated solution streamlines and simplifies people processes, reduces errors, and helps save your people time so they can focus on adding value to your business.


Our easy-to-use solution provides actionable insights that help you manage compliance and make more informed workforce decisions to support you now, as you grow, or as your business needs change.


Our top priority is to ensure a positive customer experience that empowers you at every stage of your UKG Ready journey — offering expert HR and payroll support, on-demand guidance, and anytime, anywhere access to resources.

Discover the Ultimate HR Solution: UKG Ready Suite 

Experience the pinnacle of HR excellence with UKG Ready Suite, hailed as the best HR software by industry leaders. Our comprehensive suite offers unparalleled functionality, empowering organisations to streamline HR processes and drive strategic initiatives. From talent management to workforce optimisation, UKG Ready Suite delivers innovative solutions that set the standard for HR excellence. 

Unlocking HR Automation Best Practices 

Maximise efficiency and productivity with UKG Ready Suite's advanced HR automation capabilities. Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology to automate repetitive tasks, freeing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives. From onboarding to performance management, UKG Ready Suite streamlines processes, reduces errors, and enhances employee satisfaction. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have embraced HR automation best practices with UKG Ready Suite.

Solution Features

UKG Ready® makes the everyday workload easier and more productive. Automating and streamlining HR and payroll processes helps you better support your people’s needs while giving you the tools to create an empowering culture where people love to work.

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Eliminate paperwork and inefficiencies and build transparent, compliant people processes.

UKG Ready streamlines core HR functions by centralising employee information in a single, secure database. It also simplifies benefits administration, allowing you to easily plan, set up, and manage benefit offerings, all while automatically providing data to carriers during open enrollments and life events. Automated workflows, configurable forms, and real-time access to employee data in one centralised location helps reduce administrative workload and compliance risk.

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Pay your people efficiently and accurately every time.

With its single employee record, UKG Ready calculations are continuously running in the background to reduce payroll processing time and provide real-time reports and analytics. Its flexible pay rules engine simplifies different pay scenarios, such as shift differentials and employees with multiple positions. And automatic compliance updates keep you current with constantly changing regulatory requirements.

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Everything you need to source, hire, engage, and develop your people in one place.

Finding and keeping best-fit talent is critical in today’s highly competitive labor market. UKG Ready offers recruiting tools for streamlining hiring processes and capabilities for managing onboarding, compensation, performance, learning, and succession planning — supporting your people throughout their employee journey.

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Time & Attendance

Simplify time tracking with consistent, fair rules across your organisation.

UKG Ready is designed to streamline routine time and attendance tasks. The system automates hour tracking, time approvals, and time-off requests and sends notifications for exceptions, missing punches, overtime, and more. It also simplifies leave and accrual tracking with automated rules and workflows that consistently and accurately apply policies across your company, ensuring fairness.

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Simplify scheduling and put the right people where they’re needed most.

UKG Ready empowers managers to create best-fit schedules based on operational demand, required skills, compliance rules, and employee preferences. It provides real-time data visibility for smart scheduling decisions and reduces compliance risk by automatically assigning shifts based on predefined criteria. Plus, employees can use self-service tools to choose open shifts or view new schedules.

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Create a great place to work for all to fuel growth for your people and company.

Workplace culture plays an essential role in attracting and retaining top talent, improving employee engagement, increasing employee and customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity — all of which are tied to your bottom line. With the Great Place To Work® Trust Index©, organisations can capture, analyse, and understand the employee experience and gain exclusive access to 30 years of culture data to inform your strategies for creating a high-trust workplace.

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Manage compliance with modern tools that help you minimise risk.

Make sure your company accurately manages the application of labor laws and regulations with UKG Ready’s Compliance Hub, a convenient central location for compliance-related tools and valuable resources such as checklists and guides. Plus, with UKG Ready’s automatic system updates to pay, time, and HR rules engines, you always have access to the most current information to help you meet regulatory standards.

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Get proactive, practical, and trusted guidance automatically to help you help your people.

UKG Ready People Insights provides the information you need for taking meaningful, ongoing action to improve your business. For example, Fatigue Analysis helps you see when and why people are getting burned out and guides you to solutions, and internal and external benchmarking helps you stay competitive with insights into your organisation and how you compare with industry standards.


Connect your preferred business tools to UKG Ready quickly and securely.

Our adaptable connectivity guarantees smooth integration with UKG Ready, even if you’re using multiple systems for finances, sales, and inventory. Our integration tools keep your data consistent and synchronized across all essential systems and applications. Explore our Marketplace filled with business applications that complement the UKG Ready ecosystem.

Customer Stories

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