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UKG Pro Timekeeping Salaried

Tracking project time doesn’t have to be cumbersome or a burden to your workforce. In some instances, salaried workers only have access to track their time using an hourly timecard, which often proves to be time consuming. Learn how UKG Pro® Timekeeping Salaried (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®  Salaried Timekeeping) has the tools your organisation needs to track time appropriately.

UKG Dimensions Salaried Timekeeping

With over 70 years of innovation, our UKG Pro Timekeeping Salaried customers enjoy:

  • Salaried-specific timecard allows employees to get in and out of the system quickly
  • Access to their projects anywhere on any device — mobile or tablet
  • The ability to centrally enforce regulatory guidelines 

Download this informative product profile to learn more about how UKG Pro Timekeeping Salaried can help your organisation keep employees productive, remain in compliance and keep employees engaged!