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The HCM Buyer’s Toolkit

This toolkit is a supplement to The HCM Buyer’s Guide, which details how to find the best-fit HCM solution for your organisation.

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The HCM Buyer’s Toolkit

Download the HCM Buyer’s Toolkit today for help assessing the right HCM solution and vendor for your organisation.

  • Current state and needs assessment
    Use it to prepare for the interview process and get an accurate view of your organisation’s current state and needs.
  • Buying team organiser
    Use it to keep track of potential candidates for the Buying Team from key departments.
  • User interview template
    Use it to keep track of potential candidates to represent the employee, manager, executive and administrator roles and to note ideas for key questions that could be asked when you interview these different types of users.
  • Framework checklist
    Use it to ensure that the HCM platforms of the vendors being interviewed provide certain features.
  • Services checklist
    Use it to identify the HCM vendor implementation and support services that will be important to the success of your platform choice.